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Post-print equipment Quantity Country
Polar Cutter (Max.1150 x 1400mm;) 6 sets Germany

STAHL Folding machine (Max.900 x 595mm;) 3 sets China
HEIDELBERG Folding machine (Max.720 x 1010mm;) 3 sets Germany
MARTINI automatic Saddle machine (Max.440 x 297mm;) 3 sets Germany
MARTINI automatic Sewing machine (Max.440 x 297mm;) 4 sets Germany
MARTINI automatic Perfect binding (Max.600 x 400mm;) 2 sets Germany
MARTINI semi-automatic Perfect binding(Max.600 x 400mm;) 2 sets Germany
Ends gluing machine  (Max.440 x 310mm;) 2 sets China
Gathering (24pcs heads) (Max.480 x 360mm;) 1 sets China
Gate-fold machine  (Max.320 x 240mm;) 1 sets China
Die-cut machine (Automatic 2 sets) (1100 x 800mm) 12 sets China
Lamination machine (Max.1000 x 1000mm;) 2 sets Germany
UV machine   (Max.1200 x 1000mm;) 1 sets Germany
Spot UV machine (1200 x 800mm) 2 sets Germany
Foil blocking machine  (930 x 670mm) 4 sets China
Casebound machine KEBS (casing-in) (Max.365 x 280mm;) 1 sets Germany
Case making (Max.560 x 480mm; 2 sets China
Automatic box gluing machine (1200mm) 2 sets China
Polishing machine (1200 x 1000mm) 1 sets China
Automatic Punching  (Max.300 x 220mm;) 2 sets China
Automatic Shrink-wrapping (285 x 285mm) 1 sets China